Anni Telfer and Jamie Graham, Libro Libre Books to Prisoners 2016-12-11T19:26:00+00:00

Anni Telfer and Jamie Graham, Libro Libre Books to Prisoners

Libro Libre Books to Prisoners is an all-volunteer, all-donation based group located in the Santa Barbara/Ventura area.

Even though the cost of prisons in California takes up a huge part of the State budget, there’s still a large burden placed on families who have to pay for supplies and communication with the inmates. Many families cannot afford books on top of other financial responsibilities. Educational opportunities in prisons are scarce and have many restrictions.

The main component of the project is the direct-aid approach of sending books to prisoners. Since the beginning of 2015, The Libro Libre Books to Prisoners group has been sending free books to inmates at California’s State and Federal prisons. They have also been doing outreach online, creating an informal support network for people with a loved one in prison.

Their goal is to fundraise to keep up with increasing requests as their outreach becomes more successful. They are also working with their local county jail and library system to facilitate expanding of the jail library by January 2016. Along with sending books, they plan to start affecting shipping policies within the next two years.

“For some inmates, the books are secondary; the primary appeal of the program is the contact with the world outside prison walls we provide.” – Anni Telfer.

For more information about Libro Libre Books to Prisoners, visit their website, Facebook and follow them on Twitter.

GRANT AWARD DATE: November 22, 2015

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