Anne Pollack, Crossing Point Arts

“It’s pain that makes you strong!” said a 14 year old survivor of sex trafficking in Anne Pollack’s program, Crossing Point Arts.  Anne and a team of Teaching Artists bring dance, music, spoken word, visual and recording arts to children in New York and New Jersey who have been sexually exploited and trafficked for money.

Through partnerships with anti-trafficking organizations in the region, The Art of Freedom has reached over 300 kids who have made it out of commercial sex and labor trafficking. The workshops and sessions offered are, as Anne explains, ” a critical element for survivors to reset their trajectory in the short-term, and offer long-term approaches to dealing with the extenuating scars of human-trafficking and PTSD.”

Anne writes, “As the Founding Director of Crossing Point Arts I am traveling into uncharted waters. There exist no comparable organizations in NYC that provide workshops in the arts to survivors of human trafficking. Our work is a journey into creativity as a healing agent for survivors.”

Through her first grant, Anne was able to expand the Teaching Artist team and provide specific training to the Teaching Artists.  The impact grant will expand this very important program even further.

GRANT AWARD DATE: 2014 Impact Grant