Anne Kukuczka and Linda Kühne, Putali Nepal

Putali Nepal, an initiative to empower girls and women in rural areas of Nepal where a general lack of affordable and sanitary menstrual options often results in serious health problems, immobility, discomfort, and even absence from school and/or work.

Anne and Linda have worked in the region for a number of years. They became privy to the fact that sanitary napkins are far too expensive for most Nepalese women who inevitably use unhygienic and potentially dangerous materials like old rags, scraps of cloth, or newspapers. Additionally, in many areas washrooms and toilets are unclean and have no running water, leaving many women no choice but to miss work or school during menstruation.

Through Putali Nepal Anne and Linda have started providing workshops on menstrual hygiene management, as well as the distribution of menstrual cups and hygiene kits. So far, they have reached about 100 girls and women in Makwanpur district, just south of the capital Kathmandu. Additionally, Anne and Linda in collaboration with one of their regional partners, are working on the translation of an an educational comic on puberty and menstruation into Nepali. During the summer of 2015 they plan to print 1000 copies on recycled paper for distribution to the public.

For more information, please visit Putali Nepal’s indiegogo page, website, or Facebook page.

GRANT AWARD DATE: May 30, 2015