Ann Ratnayake Macy

Ann Ratnayake Macy – Protecting Child Torture Victims: Closing Gaps in U.S. Law

The National Center for Child Abuse Statistics and Policy (NCCASP) reduces violence against children by spreading innovation in law, technology, and the social sciences across jurisdictional lines. The Pollination Project grant supports NCCASP’s campaign to protect child torture victims in the United States. Child torture is a documented subset of severe child abuse. Child torture includes a combination of two or more cruel inhuman degrading treatments occurring for long periods of time.

For a number of states, the state cannot charge a felony crime – a crime with a penalty of over one year– without a serious physical injury. In these jurisdictions, perpetrators of child torture are at times released while they may pose a threat to the child. NCCASP’s 2019 Protecting Child Torture Victims: Addressing the Gap in US State Criminal Codes Report educates legislatures on the issue. The Pollination Project supports the publication and dissemination of the report.