Ann Gloria, Adopt a Tree Program

In the dry and dusty fields of Embu State, Kenya, Ann Gloria and her students at the St. Luke’s School for the Deaf are hard at work planting drought resistant fruit trees on school grounds and facilities throughout the region.

St. Luke’s School for the Deaf natures club  was founded in 2014 and currently has over 60 children ages 7-15 with hearing disabilities. and its actively involved in working towards changing the face of the region by greening it with Shed trees and fruit producing trees.

Through the school’s Adopt a Tree Program, students from St. Luke’s are organizing tree planting campaigns with more than 600 of their peers from 5 different schools in the region. Students are involved in establishing local tree nurseries, organizing afforestation efforts, and providing education on conservation to their peers.

Ann Gloria and her fellow colleagues state, “We believe that the engagement and participation of students in environmental conservation and protection will ultimately help their pupils to identify and solve environmental problems in their respective localities and homes.”

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