The Save Movement

Anita Krajnc, The Save Movement

Paul McCartney said, “If slaughterhouses had glass walls, everybody would be vegetarian.”  The Save Movement, co-founded by Anita Krajnc, is a growing network of grassroots animal advocacy groups that use the idea of “bearing witness” to advocate for animals.  Three years ago, Anita and the team of Toronto Pig Save pioneered the idea of bearing witness to animal slaughter.  They explain, “We regularly bear witness of the transport trucks carrying sad and frightened pigs to “Quality Meat Packers” slaughterhouse in downtown Toronto. We encourage others to bear witness of the plight of farmed animals in their communities and to start a pig save, chicken save, cow save, or other such group where you live.

By bearing witness as a community, Save Groups demonstrate how each animal is an individual who wants to live. Bearing witness is peaceful, lawful, and makes an impact. The growing movement of Save groups around the world now includes 33 organizations in Canada, the U.S., and Australia. Their original Pollination Project grant supported the development of the Save Movement infrastructure.

The Impact Grant will be used for further development of The Save Movement’s social media and campaigns, specifically to further build their website, develop multimedia content, include instructional videos, and to plan for a worldwide Save Movement action.

GRANT AWARD DATE: 2014 Impact Grant