Anisah K. and Alex A. – Native American Student Garden

Native American Student Garden is located in the Riverside community garden; student members of UC Riverside’s Native Student Programs carefully tend the plot. This garden is a representation of plants that are native to the region both culturally and biologically. The garden cultivates a place of peace and reflection.

Anisah K. and Alex A. hope to use the plot as a safe space for native pollinators (native species of bees, moths, butterflies, and hummingbirds) and as a space for research in soil erosion, water retention, slope stability and pollination between native species of plants, animals and the land. Not only will the plot serve as a space for UCR students to learn and understand the importance of native plants, but their purpose is to open the plot to the public as well and invite native elders, local tribes, and the students of their summer high school program to come and enjoy/contribute to the creation and evolution of the space.