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Animal Justice Project

Animal Justice Project is a U.K.-based international non-profit working for the eradication of speciesism and animal exploitation in laboratories. The organization’s core team consists of individuals from a variety of backgrounds including researchers and activists who have made a name for themselves building grassroot campaigns that employ visually striking, educational street actions.

In March, 2015, Animal Justice Project launched a coordinated campaign to expose the use of animals in warfare research. They quickly gained both national and international attention making the headlines in the Daily Mirror and Talk Radio Europe. Currently, the organization is working to expose experiments at several major U.K. universities that are testing recreational drugs on animals.

With the help of funding from The Pollination Project, Animal Justice Project is in the process of forming a national network of activists based at major universities across the country. By forming a strong network of well-versed and passionate regional coordinators, the organization will unite activist groups to quickly and effectively mobilize campaigns across the U.K.

Overall, through their innovative approach to activism the organization hopes to bridge the gap between grassroot and professional campaigning and lobbyists.

For more information, please follow Animal Justice Project on Twitter or Instagram or visit the organization’s website or Facebook page.

GRANT AWARD DATE: June 7, 2015

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