Animal Justice Project – Campus Without Cruelty, The Foul Truth and Lifeline

Animal Justice Project is an all animal rights organization focusing mainly on ending the use of animals for experiments – an issue very few smaller, grassroots organizations now work on in Britain – and we couple this with vegan outreach and campaigns. Campus Without Cruelty focuses on students as around half of all animal experiments in Britain take place on universities each year. For this campaign we will produce leaflets, event placards, campaign briefings, fact sheets, videos, and other educational resources for local animal rights groups and veggie/vegan student groups, nationwide. The aims of the campaign are to get local groups active on campus, and persuade them to turn away from using animals in research.

Our most recently launched campaign, Lifeline, is our first campaign to focus on both veganism and animal experimentation. We offer Lifeline Sets – free of cost – to local groups and students. The campaign – backed by celebs, Peter Egan and Harry Potter star, Evanna Lynch – is a break-away from Campus Without Cruelty but nicely combines vivisection with veganism. It’s been one of our most successful campaigns so far and has allowed us to use TV screens to show students the reality for laboratory and farmed animals. We offer tailored press releases to activists carrying out university Lifelines, and this has produced further regional media coverage. And our new campaign – not yet launched! – is going to be called The Foul Truth. It will focus on broiler chickens, predominantly free range and organic. This will be our big campaign this year and will include a stunt, outreach and a university tour in freshers week.

Working to promote veganism and end animal experiments is important to us personally because so many animals are affected and the suffering is so severe in both industries. We see our role as now vital considering so few groups work on animal experimentation also. We know that young people are the most susceptible to change and so our work focuses on students. We are determined to bring this issue to the attention of new vegans and Lifeline is perfect for this. We aim to show what happens to animals on farms and in laboratories, and we do this in a positive, educational way.

Since receiving the initial seed from Pollination Project, we have been able to do so much – mainly on our new campaign, Lifeline, which we set up so we can focus on not just ending animal experiment in universities, but also promoting veganism. TPP paid for the website domain which means activists can order their free materials so that they can show footage, hold placards, and carry out effective vegan outreach. We’ve been able to order more vegan leaflets and, for Christmas, we used TPP funds to purchase turkey outreach leaflets. We had over 6,000 orders!

This grant will enable us to continue our campaigns for animals in laboratories and more recently, on farms, through research, outreach and media. Thank you so much, once again!