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Angiro Felix, the Lira Household Waste Management Project

Angiro Felix’s Lira Household Waste Management Project is helping the residents of Lira, Uganda, transform their everyday household waste from rubbish into a valuable commodity.

Waste management is a growing problem in many of Uganda’s urban areas, with heaps of garbage lining the streets and serving as a breeding ground for disease causing pests. Although Lira is one of the few urban areas in Uganda with a functioning waste collection system, it is both costly and ineffective.

Through his project, Angiro plans to educate Lira’s residents on the benefits of sorting their garbage while building a community-wide composting network. Over the next 12 months Angiro will establish 5 compost plants at sites throughout Lira. Each site will collect between 2-3 tons of compostable waste per day and will be staffed by local widows and orphans. Composted materials will be packaged and sold to support the project’s operations.

By teaching residents to sort and compost their waste Angiro’s project will minimize the overall costs associated with waste collection, as well as promoting organic alternatives to expensive chemical fertilizers.

GRANT AWARD DATE: August 6, 2015

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