Angieh Ashu Tanjong Gavin

Angieh Ashu Tanjong Gavin – Community Road Maintenance Project

Date grant awarded: 01/18/2018

Community Road Maintenance Project is an initiative created by infrastructure development officer, Angieh-Ashu Tanjong Gavin, to form and empower road management committees among roadside communities around the Takamanda National park in Akwaya South West Region of Cameroon. Ever since the construction of earth roads in the project area in 2008, the communities along the road were left to manage the roads with no knowledge of road maintenance. Furthermore little or no maintenance work has been done since 2008. The project (through the village traditional council) will select at least 12 individuals from the concerned community and trained them on; Group dynamics, and most especially basic road management techniques and then provided them with basic road maintenance tools like wheel barrows, spades, shovels, wrecks, hand rammer, dig axes etc. The committee will be responsible for mobilizing resources, organizing community work on the Maintenance of their road, monitor and evaluate the work done. If roads are properly managed, it means beneficiaries will be able to easily transport their farm produce and non timber forest products to the market where they can be sold and hence improve on their livelihoods.