Angelo Drummonds and Malik Evans, Mosaic Permaculture Garden

Angelo Drummonds and Malik Evans, Mosaic Permaculture GardenMalik Evans and Angelo Drummond are Green for All college ambassadors at Morehouse College and came to us via our flow fund partnership with Green For All.  They have teamed up to educate and spread environmentally progressive ideas on campus.  “I believe as an educated man of color, I have moral obligation to educate my community. Students need to understand that Kroger’s and Walmart are not the only or healthiest forms to get food. People need to see first hand the option of growing their own food or at least buying from local organic farms,” explains Evans who has been gardening since the age of ten and understands the benefits of clean organic food.

Malik is currently working on creating a sustainable organization called S.O.S (Students Organizing for Sustainability) with other students on Morehouse’s campus. Angelo, a Bonnor scholar, has been a part of several community projects and is currently developing the idea of creating a permaculture garden on Morehouse’s campus while including a large mosaic which takes recycled glass and transforms it into works of art created by students.

With the help of Brandy Hall, a permaculture designer from Shades of Green, they are in the process of building a garden that will serve as a tool that S.O.S can use to educate students about the importance of health and self-reliance in the form of permaculture

This project brings not only educates students and teachers on how to garden but brings awareness to a community that has not only been disconnected from where their food comes from, but highlights the importance of nature’s therapeutic effects on people through sacred geometry.

The Pollination Project Funds will be used to jumpstart their project!