Angella Nankindu

Angella Nankindu – Training Unemployed youth in weaving and entrepreneurship skills

Angella Nankindu is the founder of the project, Training Unemployed Youth in Weaving and Entrepreneurship Skills, located in Uganda. The project has key people among the staff who will be directly responsible for implementation of the project and they include 6 volunteer mentors, experts, advisors, and consultants who are experienced and knowledgeable in various fields and disciplines of empowerment and entrepreneurship.The project seeks to eradicate absolute poverty, reduce high crime rates, reduce dependency levels, reduce environmental degradation and increase employment opportunities.

Once the youth are being trained in weaving the baskets and bags, it will create employment opportunities, conserve the environment (because there will be many on the market and they are reusable), and reduce the number of people who use polythene bags, which degrades the environment.

The Pollination Project grant will help Angella develop training manuals, purchase training materials,and improve communication through Internet bundles and messages.