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Angela McGaugh, Food Bayou: Campus Community Garden

More and more, academic institutions are using garden spaces as extensions to the classroom. These “garden classrooms” enhance learning of art, math, and science and have been shown to improve academic performance, reduce stress, improve testing performance, and increase enthusiasm for learning.

Angela McGaugh is the president of the University of South Alabama’s Sustainability Council in Mobile, Alabama. The Council was granted a parcel of land on the University’s property to establish a small community garden. This opportunity has allowed them to launch the Food Bayou: Campus Community Garden Project, a collaborative effort of student and community groups who have established organic food growing practices and outreach workshops at the University.

Angela hopes this project will inspire an environmentally conscious student body, and bring research, education, and professional development opportunities to impoverished areas. This Grant will help Angela and her colleagues build a garden classroom to teach students about organic gardening practices, composting, healthy food and lifestyle choices.

For more information about Food Bayou: Campus Community Garden, visit them at their website, or find them on Facebook or Twitter.

GRANT AWARD DATE: July 26, 2015

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