Aneri Patel, ENVenture

ENVen­ture creates sus­tain­able enter­prises in devel­op­ing coun­tries in order to increase access to low cost light­ing, safe water, and cook­ing tech­nolo­gies that advance the health and san­i­ta­tion of cur­rent liv­ing stan­dards while improv­ing the envi­ron­ment. Founded by Aneri Patel, ENVenture works with Community Based Organizations in selected countries to help them purchase and distribute lower carbon technologies in the community.

ENVenture’s model involves a microlending fund called the Low Carbon Community Enterprise Development Fund. They will loan $2,000 to each potential Community Based Organization (CBO) partner for low carbon product inventory (solar lights, improved cook stoves, fuel briquettes, and water filters) for their sustainable enterprise.

This loan provides the upfront capital needed to purchase low carbon technologies and also allows for a diverse selection of products for retail, so that the customers can choose which product is right for them. An amazing aspect of the fund is that the loans are not paid back to ENVenture, but paid forward to future CBO partners, which ensures that the loan is revolving, stays in the country, and requires that CBOs are accountable to each other which fosters networking and exchange of best practices.

The impact grant will be used to help launch the Low Carbon Community Enterprise Fund.

GRANT AWARD DATE:  2014 Impact Grant