A Christmas gift. In 2018 we were able to celebrate our students with a pretty awesome gift.

Andy McMahon & Jason Dragoo – Rise Above Information Technology

Rise Above Information Technology works in our region to bring computer education to under-privileged and at-risk youth. Working with Gwinnett County Juvenile Drug Court, we host an after school program to teach computer hardware, computer software and programming. We’ve recognized that in teaching programming, the way to get the most engagement from our students is by giving them an outcome that they can visualize. What an awesome opportunity to introduce robotics!

We experimented with building our own robots, and our own tools to program the robots, however the outcomes were not consistent, which can be confusing when you’re first learning, so we went back to the drawing board. How can we teach programming through robotics, with a consistent result, using something our students might be a little more familiar with? There has to be answer!

Lego Robotics! With Lego’s pre-written curriculum and consistent build of robots, we have the perfect solution to teach kids, using something that they’ve probably played with their entire lives! This grant from TPP is life changing to our non-profit. Not just for us, but for the students. We’re able to purchase the robots we need to start the class, with the knowledge that they have a great track record of lasting for years. With this seed, we’re not just affecting the kids of tomorrow; we’re influencing the kids of next week, next month and even next year!