Andrew Puccetti, Live Life Humane

Live Life Humane

Andrew Puccetti is a sixteen year old animal rights advocate and founder of Live Life Humane, a nonprofit organization dedicated to educating young people about animal rights issues and inspiring them to make a difference.

Andrew has vivid memories of going into animal shelters and veterinarian offices as a child wanting to volunteer, but being rejected because of his age. At the time, he wondered why others would not let him help the creatures he loved and felt like he could not make a difference because of his age. Through Live Life Humane, Andrew wants to teach children and teenagers that they DO have the power to make a difference, no matter what age they are. Through his outreach, Andrew hopes to educate young people about animal rights and how they can make a difference in the hope of creating a more compassionate tomorrow.

A group like this is important on so many levels, as children and teenagers are often the most reachable at this age, and they are the future leaders of the world. Andrew hopes to create a generation of compassionate people.

Andrew and Live Life Humane will use Pollination Project funds to develop and print educational materials geared towards young people, and other outreach costs.