Andrew Chikaoneka, Chikondi Women group – Clean Sustainable Energy

Clean Sustainable Energy is a project that will be held in Lilongwe, Malawi. This project is run by Chikondi Women group, which is a group of elderly widows who make fuel briquettes. These fuel briquettes are a cheap and effective source of fuel. Wood is the main fuel in Malawi, and 95% of homes still use wood or charcoal for cooking. Nearly everybody uses three-stone fires for cooking, and each fire consumes about three large bundles (weighing about 30kg each) of wood per week. The use of charcoal for cooking is more common in the major towns.

Forest reliance in rural areas create challenges to conservation of Malawi’s forests. The briquettes will offer different opportunities to people and will provide environmental awareness and save the forest. Fuel briquettes are environmentally-friendly, and they surpass the use of charcoal and fuel wood, which is destroying the environment. The product is made through a simple process from a specific mixture of locally found raw materials of waste paper with saw dust, dry leaves or maize husks. As compared to charcoal, briquettes burn with less smoke and have less ash. They burn twice more than wood, do not produce sparks, are dust free, have uniform size and shape, and do not have odor.

This project will help to reduce reliance on trees. This grant will help in making and promoting briquettes to save the environment since they are an effective source of fuel.