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Andrea Paulich, For the People of Beck Khlok

Andrea Paulich has a strong interest in helping others, which developed when her father joined the Swiss Humanitarian Aid Unit and worked for projects in Africa. After volunteering in Cambodia for 8 months in 2013, Andrea created a charitable trust, Seed of Small Beginnings.

Bech Khlok is a remote village located in Western Cambodia and its citizens have no access to clean water, power and sanitation support, and only very limited access to medical care. The only school in the community is in desperate condition, with minimal teaching and school materials available. It has two classrooms, and is over run with over 140 students. As a result of the contaminated water, the children are often sick and never free of parasites.

Andrea’s project will provide basic necessities for the school, including solid floors, proper walls, build a third classroom, and a fresh water supply and sanitation areas. They will also offer more educational and teaching materials, including books for a small library. To address the issues of contaminated water and sanitation support, Andrea will work in cooperation with the Trailblazer Foundation and Resource Development International – Cambodia (RDI). Both of them U.S. Organizations working actively on water, sanitation, education, and community development projects..

In the long-term, Andrea hopes to encourage and facilitate good education, and to connect the students with vocational training and work opportunities.

To learn more about For the people of Beck Khlok, visit Seed of Small Beginnings’s website and Facebook page.

GRANT AWARD DATE: May 24, 2015

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