Anastasia Walton - Young Black & Everywhere

Anastasia Walton – Young Black & Everywhere

Date grant awarded: 11/27/2017

Young Black & Everywhere is an online platform, a social engagement strategy, and a way of life. The purpose of this site is to bring attention to the thoughts, feelings, solutions, and peer support for Black youth around the globe. Using blog and vlog, Young Black & Everywhere tackles the issue of “being the only one in the room,” or “being the black voice in a crowd.”

This project is boldly led by Anastasia Walton, an Oakland Native and peer leader at the Downtown TAY program. She is currently a junior at San Francisco State University and the creator of “Young Black & Everywhere,” an international and domestic travel blog she launched in the summer of 2017. Although she currently only posts trips she has taken, she hopes to soon use her blog platform to help promote and bring together black youth to travel. Anastasia is a protege of The Black Intergenerational Zeal (B.I.Z.) Stoop.