Amy Work, Geoporter: A Community, An Educator…and the Maps that Make a Difference

Amy Work, GeoporterAmy is a GIS (Geographic Information Systems) education coordinator and serving as the first Geoporter in Bahia Ballena-Uvita, Costa Rica. She works with Geoporter founders, Roger and Anita Palmer, to send geospatial educators to a community to train residents on how they can use GPS and GIS technologies to map and better use resources in their community.

Amy and the Geoporter project has been working intensively with the community of Bahía Ballena-Uvita, Costa Rica, teaching community members how to use GPS and GIS technologies for projects like:  recording daily whale sightings in the first national marine park in Latin America, mapping trash in the community to identify where to place new trash and recycling containers, and training local school teachers how to engage students in exploring classroom content using GPS and GIS.

Geoporter will use Pollination Project funds to further enhance a technology-learning lab that can support the needs of residents of Bahía Ballena carry out the mapping projects they wish to complete.