Amanda Strickland, Building a bathroom for the Yaxhachen Community Center2016-12-11T19:25:41+00:00

Amanda Strickland, Building a bathroom for the Yaxhachen Community Center

The Pollination Project will support Ko’ox Boon leader Mandi Strickland and community leader Don Oliberto Us May in the construction of a bathroom and storage room for a publicly-owned community center in an underserved town in rural Yucatan, called Yaxhachen. The community center (affectionately nick-named “Casa YAXHA”) provides a creative environment for over 600 Maya speaking community members in various groups and clubs. Boasting locally-sourced materials and traditional Mayan architecture, the new construction symbolizes cultural stability and community growth. With solid infrastructure, the center will provide a secure, hygienic, stimulating space for educational and community groups as well as Ko’ox Boon’s signature program, Camp Ko’ox, an international summer arts camp free for local children. The project will be documented by Ko’ox Boon Marketing Director and photographer, Allie Jordan

For more information, visit their website, Facebook and follow them on Instagram and Twitter.

GRANT AWARD DATE: February 5, 2016

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