Roosters freely roam on the grass

Amanda Andresen, New Rooster Yards for Disposable Heroes Rooster Sanctuary

In January 2014 Amanda Andresen made a Facebook page for her rooster sanctuary, unwittingly inviting a deluge of requests to take in these flightless birds. Since this time, the requests have not abated. In recent months, Amanda has had to turn away birds, due to a lack of infrastructure. With help from The Pollination Project, Amanda is able to create her New Rooster Yards for Disposable Heroes Rooster Sanctuary project in Mogood, Australia.

While the primary purpose of this project is to save as many roosters as possible, Amanda also wants to use the sanctuary as a tool to educate the community about the reality of egg production. It is anticipated that this information will be shared in a way that presents good-news rescue stories rather than declarations that often cause consumers to become defensive. The goal is to open up hearts to compassion and to consider the simple solutions available.


Check out their Facebook or website for more information!

GRANT AWARD DATE: December 22,  2015