Alyssa Martindale, Peace Mural: Bridging Racial, Political, and Religious Divides

Alyssa Martindale is a participant in the Hands of Peace’s Summer Project, an 18 day initiative that brings Israeli, Palestinian and U.S. youth together to promote inter-community dialogue and understanding.

This year Alyssa and several of her peers are returning to the program in Vista, California to create canvas murals to promote hope and international peace.

Thirty five Israeli, Palestinian and American teens will collaborate with 10 local teenagers from the Innovations Academy of Empowerment in order to plan and create four murals. Through facilitated dialogue, the teenagers will incorporate their collective experiences into the murals. Participants will be encouraged to use their experiences with the project to launch their own local peace-building initiatives under the mentorship of Hands of Peace.

The murals produced through the project will be displayed at a variety of local and international locations. Alyssa eventually hopes to have them included in an international project in the West Bank, Palestine.

For more information, please visit Hands of Peace’s website or the project’s Facebook page.

GRANT AWARD DATE: June 4, 2015