Allison Tu - STEMY Science Kits

Allison Tu, Harsha Paladugu, Sandra Temgoua, and Samhita Lellapalli – STEMY Science Kits

Date grant awarded: 01/04/2018

Allison Tu and Harsha Paladugu are the creators of the STEM + Youth science kits, uniquely innovative boxes for elementary and middle schoolers that contain all the necessary materials to carry out cutting-edge but intuitive science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) experiments. These science kits will empower and inspire disadvantaged students to pursue STEM with this kit and far beyond by delivering extraordinary, recently-developed, high-level science synthesized into a targeted, age-appropriate curriculum. By partnering with a local underresourced school to bring these kits to at least 100 underserved students and donating a kit for every one purchased, this program will spark new passions for STEM that lead to improved critical thinking skills and higher-paying future careers.