Alice Gray, Rebuild Gaza Sustainably

Alice Gray is a permaculture activist who has lived and worked in the Middle East since 2006 promoting environmental justice and sustainability. Alice is working with Grean Palestine, a network of activists, architects and organizers helping displaced families in Gaza rebuild their homes with the limited material resources available to them. At present, Gaza is one of the most densely populated places on earth, yet because of military invasion and ongoing bombing, it has crumbling infrastructure with scarcely enough environmental resources to sustain the population.

Rebuild Gaza Sustainably, under the auspices of Grean Palestine, helps local agriculturalists around Maghazi, Gaza, rebuild their farms in order to support local food production and sustainability. Architects from the Al Ottol consulting firm will carry out participant surveys and design homes for Palestinian farmers, working closely with locals and youth volunteers in the construction of residences.

The project will not only support sustainable and locally produced food sources for Gaza’s residents, but it will also provide invaluable training in design and construction to participating Palestinian youth

For more information, please visit Grean Palestine’s website or  facebook page.

GRANT AWARD DATE: June 13, 2015