Alhassan Musah, Wisdom of Knowledge Computer Services

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Alhassan Musah, Wisdom of Knowledge Computer Services

Alhassan lives in Northern Tamale, Ghana. He explains, “I want to serve people who have no access to computers: the elders and homeless street kids in my community of Northern Tamale, Ghana, and the people in Sagnarigu, the village where I grew up. I am an orphan, self-taught and self-supporting. I was forced out of school for financial reasons when I was 15. I have lived on the street and been so hungry that my insides were on fire. Because of computers, I have connected to a bigger world, including Laurie Marshall and Unity Through Creativity. They have supported me so I can return to school. I want to help those who have been in my position, as well as people like my grandmother, who raised me after my parents died. She lives in poverty and isolation, sacrificing so that I could live. She had to send me to the street when she couldn’t afford my care anymore. In Tamale, there is crime and corruption that I have to deal with every day. Last month, I came out of the bank and got a taxi. The driver took me 48 miles outside of the city, beat me and took my money. After walking 48 miles back home, I went to the police, who told me I would have to pay them in order to look into the crime. My effort to make a computer business is a stand for honest service, integrity and entrepreneurship in a dysfunctional society.”

Alhassan founded Wisdom of Knowledge Computer Services, a program that provides computers and educational support to his local community at minimal to no cost. Alhassan’s village, Tamale, is located far away from any internet services, hence limiting access to key resources and furthering the digital divide. The Wisdom of Knowledge Computer Services program will lessen this divide by bringing these essential tools to this remote village.

Alhassan’s vision is beautifully elaborated with his additional focus on how these tools can be beneficial for nature, by “[creating] a sustainable and just community through the knowledge that is available through computers”. Carrying the foundation of his humble upbringing, Alhassan is committed to helping others who are facing the challenges that he did.

The funds from The Pollination Project will be used to help get the Wisdom of Knowledge Computer Services facility up and running.


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