Alexandria King - Self-Love Series workshop

Alexandria King (Executive Director & Co-Founder) and Danielle Klemm (Curriculum Developer) – Self-Love Series workshop

First Love Yourself’s workshop, Self-Love Series, is a 12-week program that aims to increase levels of self-love among marginalized youth from the Sacramento community. Marginalized youth face many uphill battles, and working to increase levels of self-love will help youth develop a more positive personal narrative as well as increase resiliency. Throughout our program, participants work to foster a strong sense of community in combination with a positive self-image. The workshop features three units–Mind, Body, and Soul. We start with the Mind unit, which changes “I can’t” into “I think I can” by focusing on developing a growth mindset in combination with positive self-talk. Then, we move into the Body unit, where participants learn about not only nutrition and exercise, but how to have body acceptance and love in this very moment. Finally, the program wraps up with the Soul unit, where participants are able to practice mindfulness, learn about developing positive relationships, and celebrate each others’ differences.