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Alexandra Pierre, Upcycling for a Public Square

Alexandra Pierre is a 25 year old engineer/architect with extensive background in international advocacy. She recently she turned her attentions to the environmental issues facing her native country of Haiti. Her project, Upcycling for a Public Square, uses art to help residents of Belles-Anse, Haiti, restore and rebuild their community by providing education on environmental preservation.

Working in collaboration with PLURIELLES (a local non-profit organization), Alexandra will organize workshops to talk about the importance of waste management, as well as consulting with local artists and residents to create an artistic design that incorporates upcycled materials into the city’s central plaza. Throughout the summer of 2015, over 40 youth and women from Belle-Anse’s rural and urban communities will gather together to begin reconstruction and renovation efforts in the square.

Alexandra states, “I hope to help the Belle-Anse inhabitants to have a public square they are proud of because they have worked on the design and the execution of it.”

GRANT AWARD DATE: August 1, 2015

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