Alex Omondi - Child Destiny Foundation

Alex Omondi, Child Destiny Foundation

Grantee Name: Alex Omondi
Project Name: Child Destiny Foundation
Grant Location: Nairobi, Kenya

Funding Partner:  Our 2016 Crowdfunding Donors

Project Description: Child Destiny Foundation is a local Kenyan non-profit-making organization, founded in 2012. With the impact grant funding-the organization will execute its agribusiness plan of urban farming initiative for commercial purposes to boost its food basket and revenue kitty. With the introduction of medium size plastic barrels, one barrel is estimated to carry 54 plants, our garden and open space can accommodate thirty bags translating into 1,620 plants. Plucking two leaves of each plant will give a total of 3,240 vegetable leaves with a whole sale price of 15 leaves for Kshs.10 translating into a $21 per week.