Alberto Ibarra - INSTA 3D Printing

Alberto Ibarra – INSTA 3D Printing

Date grant awarded: 03/22/2018

INSTA 3D Printing, a social enterprise project, aims to open up a 3D printing marketplace to create affordable and customized household items and small accessories. These items include cups, kitchen utensils, small toys, jewelry, phone cases, games, etc. All of these 3D-printed products will be accessible to low-income community members as well as for all families to enjoy. In addition, the next phases for this social enterprise will be teaching and guiding the youth to expand their creativity and curiosity of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) concepts with 3D printing technology. Through this project, youth will grow personally and intellectually in their STEM careers, which will ultimately increase diversity in the workforce, while providing resources to low-income communities. With the revenue that is generated from the marketplace, the social enterprise project will expand to 3D printed affordable prosthetic hands for affected individuals.