Stacy Katasse - Alaska's Last (Plastic) Straw Challenge

Alaska’s Last Straw – Alaska’s Last (Plastic) Straw Challenge

Alaska’s Last Straw is a new non profit organization located in Juneau, Alaska aimed at eliminating single use plastics in Alaska. Their first project is to eliminate plastic straws by targeting both the consumers and businesses and helping both down a path to a cleaner future. They are challenging businesses in Juneau, AK to eliminate plastic straws and aiding in their transition by providing a “starter kit” when they accept the challenge. These kits consist of a starter pack of non-plastic straws customized for their needs, signage to post at their location, and other printed materials such as menu inserts and table tents.

Alaska’s Last Straw is raising awareness through social media by asking people to take the #lastStrawChallenge and “Swap the straw” for 30 days. In order to be inclusive to those with a special need for straws, they are encouraging people to travel with their own plastic alternative like stainless steel, glass, or bamboo. They will have a presence at local markets, and events with a booth selling alternatives. Plastic was designed to last forever but most people use it for mere minutes and toss it away. Much of this plastic ends up in our oceans where it is killing marine life.

Alaska’s Last Straw wants to make it easier by encouraging people to make one small change at a time to make a difference. The Pollination Project grant will be used to purchase reusable straws, paper straws, and eco-friendly printing.