Alako, Itaya Aidah, Asibo Lillian – Sister Keeper, Change Makers2018-04-12T11:02:38+00:00

Alako, Itaya Aidah, Asibo Lillian – Sister Keeper, Change Makers

Date grant awarded: April 16, 2018

“Sister Keeper, Change Makers” project is a grass-root initiative that is designed to address the needs of single mothers in the Northeastern part of Uagnda. These women basically live below a dollar on daily basis, a plight that is only noticed by a few and as result, their children succumb to school drop-outs, early marriages and poor health. The project aims to empower these women with pastry and bakery skills. Through this project, women will be taught business and financial skills to ensure successful outcome. The project hopes to paint this region with brighter colors of hope, peace and good health.

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