Akosua Bema Boateng, Project G.O.O.D – Growing Our Own Destiny2017-06-14T10:07:49+00:00
Akosua Bema Boateng

Akosua Bema Boateng, Project G.O.O.D – Growing Our Own Destiny

Date grant awarded: 3/2/2017

An acronym for growing our own destiny. We use urban agriculture to transform the hood for good by growing good food, for ourselves and the community. We are located in South Oak Park, Sacramento, and use 1 acre of land and a community room and garden at Fruitridge Elementary to promote urban agriculture activism and get more people of color and low income in touch with cultivating the Earth, which we believe is a sacred thing.

Project G.O.O.D plans to make garden survival boxes to help people start off their own home grown gardens. It’s our way of carrying out food activism, ensuring that all people can have a high quality life while giving back to the Earth.

Project Location Map:

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