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Aken Tong

Aken Tong – Buildagency International

Date grant awarded: 11/17/2016

Buildagency International is a youth-let non-governmental organisation in the Sudans which endeavors to recreate the community of leaders who are thoughtful, task-driven and visionaries. We provide tools which youth use to create projects, produce results and sustain them. Buildagency International otherwise known as BAI runs programs specific to the needs of the new age. South and North Sudan has had a running conflict which saw social fabric nearly battered. Its the responsibility of a new generation to build and foster unity. BAI does just that. Our flagship, the youth and Women entrepreneurship program and the Innovation Academy we endeavor to start are critical to fixing this social malice. We have tremendously done a lot with little to nothing at our disposal. We are posed to do even more to help build a community which will outlast us all.

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