Purple Pearls Women Entrepreneurship Development Programme gATHERING

Ajibola Oladejo – Purple Pearls Women Entrepreneurship Development Programme

The Purple Pearls WEDP provides economic empowerment and employment opportunities for vulnerable women in Abuja, Nigeria. The project trains and funds underserved women to start or scale-up their micro-businesses as well as training women in making, sewing and selling eco-friendly, plant-based tie and dye fabrics.

The inability of women to be financially independent increases their vulnerability and exposure to volence. Economically empowered women are better able to resist and seek justice for violence, support their children’s edcation, nutrition and health; helping them to integrate better into their host communies.

The seed grant helped us consolidate our work. Up until that point, we were only able to train the women. With funding, the women were provided with funds and have reported a positive impact in their welfare. Till date, 22 women have been assisted to start or expand their businesses. Setting up an eco-friendly, plant-based tye and dye enterprise would afford us the opportunity to reach out to more women and amplify our impact.

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