Aisha Eveleigh - Behind Closed Doors

Aisha Eveleigh, Behind Closed Doors – Art Exhibition

Date grant awarded: 06/17/2017

Artist and animal activist Aisha Eveleigh is the founder of the Behind Closed Doors – Art Exhibition. This week long exhibition is designed to raise awareness of animal exploitation and its consequences. The name ‘Behind Closed Doors’ refers to the way our mistreatment of animals is hidden from the general public – most of us have little idea about what happens to animals behind the doors of factory farms, slaughterhouses and vivisection labs.

The project seeks to bring these issues into the light, changing the way we think about animal rights. Along with artistic workshops, talks and performances, the aim of this project is to communicate Veganism to the public in a unique, creative and interactive way. With over 60 artists and performers involved, the exhibition will be a supportive platform for upcoming creatives, enhancing their skills and confidence.