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Ahumuza Ignatius and Alinaitwe Cleofash, Student Recycling Award Project

Ahumuza Ignatius and Alinaitwe Cleofash work with the Art Planet Academy in Kampala, Uganda, a youth-led non-governmental organization that integrates advocacy for environmental sustainability with social empowerment programs in educational settings.

According to Uganda’s National Environmental Management Authority (NEMA) and the Uganda Bureau of Statistics (UBOS), the mismanagement of solid non-biodegradable waste products has led to a country-wide environmental crisis. Recent reports indicate that solid waste products have contaminated regional soils and groundwater, while the unregulated burning of trash has released dangerous airborne toxins that have contributed to high rates of disease and global climate change.

Through the Art Planet Academy’s Student Recycling Award Project, Ahumuza and Alinaitwe are organizing a competition in Kampala’s schools to promote student-led waste management designs for cost-effective systems that couple waste collection with the sorting and processing of recyclables. Finalists will be given the opportunity to implement their designs and will use the recyclables they collect to create artistic projects for their communities.

Ahumuza states, “This award will create public awareness about the causes, dangers and possible solutions to environmental pollution, enhancing residents’ lives while leading to a waste-free environment.”

For more information, please follow the Art Planet Academy on their website, Instagram, or Facebook.

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