Ahuizotl Rodriguez

Ahuizotl Rodriguez, Semillas Spring Catalog 2017

Date grant awarded: 3/15/2017

Ahuitzotl Ichcahuipilli is a member of the student council at Anahuakalmecac International Preparatory High School of North America located in El Sereno, a community in northeast Los Angeles. Ahuitzotl started the project Semillas Spring Catalog 2017 which will help him to silkscreen his native inspired designs onto clothing such as sweaters, t-shirts, and jackets as a way to show leadership and unity through style and fashion.

As a youth leader active in his community he is eager to display his indigenous pride and school spirit. Ahuitzotl, along with the student council, recently traveled to Washington DC to support North Dakota water protectors and shortly thereafter attended the 2nd annual Native Youth Summit in San Francisco. Many more upcoming events are planned. These funds will assist student council members to represent their school comfortably and with pride.