A group of men and women stand behind tall green plants.

Agnes Auma, Lomoi Farmer’s Group

According to a 2014 Report of the Integrated Food Security Phase Classification Analysis for Uganda, it was noted that a months long dry spell affected the performance and yield of finger millet, sorghum, maize and groundnuts. While this affected the country at large, the northern, Acholi region continue to be vulnerable to food insecurity due to arid climate, unreliable rains, low household incomes, minimal safe water resources, low dietary diversity and high prevalence of disease among humans and livestock. The Acholi people derive their livelihoods from the exploitation of natural resources, often leading to environmental degradation. To help address hunger and poverty in the community, Agnes Auma has received a flow fund for her project, Lomoi Farmer’s Group in Agago, Uganda.

Since April 2015, the community-based group have been fighting to end hunger and poverty by planting one acre of sim-sim and sorghum. The region is home to many single mothers with many children so Agnes and the group are committed to giving some of the harvest to these individuals as a way of investing back. The group is now seeking to expand into mud brick making to offer training and resources to disadvantaged youth and women.

With the funds, Agnes and her group will be able to purchase farming and brickmaking equipment that will allow for project fruition and success.

One of our field staff says that this Lomoi Farmer’s Group is, “…a dedicated group of women in championing projects that change the world.”