Aghah Valery Binda - Women Green Clubs

Aghah Valery Binda – Women Green Clubs (WGC): Green Micro-enterprises for Fulanis

The Women Green Clubs (WGCs): Green Micro-enterprises for Fulanis Project seeks to transform the lives of socially excluded and low-income women in rural areas within Cameroon from social exclusion to social inclusion and from poverty to prosperity while conserving the ecosystems on which they depend for livelihood.

According to a report by the Cameroon Indigenous Women Forum, the high illiteracy rate and economic dependence of Mbororo women on their husbands strips them of any decision making power in the family and in the community, and exposes them to gender-based violence, early marriage and sexual harassment. Using a seed grant from The Pollination Project, Aghah Valery Binda will provide viable alternative employment opportunities for low-income and socially excluded Mbororo (cattle-herding indigenous pastoralists) women from four villages in Foto-Dschang, West Region, Cameroon.

The project will train 40 rural women on collective entrepreneurship through organic commercial kitchen gardening. Within each village, the Women Green Club formed will in turn train other women with the aim of reaching every Mbororo woman in the community and empowering them economically and socially.