Adriana Lopez Montoya

Adriana Lopez Montoya, Santa Anita Farm School

Date grant awarded: November 5, 2016

For the young people who run Santa Anita Farm School, it is vital that the agricultural community in which they live move toward practices which are better for the environment and better for them.

Located on a ‘frontier’ between urban sprawl and rural land, Santa Anita is a community between two worlds. Seizing this opportunity to get in on the ground floor and promote practices which will ensure the sustainable future and health of their community, the Santa Anita Farm School has a mission to reduce the impact of increasingly dense habitation, while also meeting their increased food needs without going down the devastating path toward industrial agriculture which places production and profit above all else.

When Youth Environmental Hub Team member Selene Gonzalez-Carillo submitted her funding nomination for the Santa Anita Farm, she told us: ” they are supported by the local community, they live there, they work there, they are invested in seeing it progress towards a sustainable future. I want to help them move on to the next phase of their project.”

This grant will build on that community support, and on the hard work of the young people, and allow them to run workshops on more ecologically sound farming practices, nutrition, and provide them with tools to lessen their impact on the environment.