A doctor taking care of a man's injured hand

Adekunle, Naomi, Gabriel, and Samson – Skrind

In 2019, infectious diseases continue to pose challenges to global health as they remain a leading cause of death, with the Sub-Saharan region accounting for most of a majority. Professionals agree that early detection through screening will not only prevent health problems but also help prevent the transmission of these diseases. Adekunle Adeluwoye is a healthcare professional who has taken a special interest in Hepatitis B, alongside other infectious diseases, because of the level of its burden, increasing financial cost, and personal suffering that patients go through. Having engaged in awareness campaigns and outreaches, Adekunle Adeluwoye and his team began to identify a digital health solution. This is how Skrind was born, a mobile app that provides a one-spot access for vita information on infectious diseases and a simple, DIY self-testing tool for users to discreetly screen themselves, whereby the application reads and interprets testing strips via the users smartphone camera.