Achi Rehema Tchakubuta

Achi Rehema Tchakubuta, The Soap Making Factory Project

Date grant awarded: 3/7/2017

The Soap Making Factory Project is an initiative created by Ms. Achi Rehema, a Congolese girl living in Tanzania (Kigoma region) with her family who fled the war from Congo to Tanzania in 1998 when she was four years old. She had to complete harshly standard seven in school because of the poverty.

Fortunately, she received training on soap making from the Women’s Promotion Centre, a local women-led organisation, together with other girls and young women who learned different skills according to the choices they made.

Achi managed to encourage 37 of her colleagues to train with her to work together cooperatively so that she can profit from the acquired knowledge. Her passion is to see the rising of a strong group of disadvantaged women and girls who are dedicated to work hard in order to achieve dignity and value in society.