members after their meeting for the association

Acen Brenda – Produce Buying and Selling

The Produce Buying and Selling project will involve persons living with disabilities in selling produce to gain income that will in turn improve on their standards of living. By bringing together persons living with disabilities, the general community is made aware about their relevance in society and the need to avoid neglecting them.

I was born as a person with a disability in a family that was financially struggling. I was being bullied and insulted while in lower primary. It reached a level where my parents could not afford to send me to continue with studies. So I decided to start up some hand and craft work where I did knitting, making table cloths and hand bags that I sold and got income out of it. While doing my hand work, I realized that many of my colleagues whom were living with disabilities were being neglected and denied access to formalized educational opportunities. I talked to those friends and we decided to start up this association for persons with disabilities in order to have one powerful voice as a group and start up our own economic activities that would empower us.