ABC2 World Changers – World Changers Community Farm Of Hope, Prosperity, & Change

The ABC2 World Changers Community Farm Of Hope, Prosperity, and Change is a youth-led project whose goal is to continue empowering young people to become community leaders/advocates. They have a sustainable youth-led agricultural model that supports youth-led projects around health, economic development, and education. The community farm will serve as a place to grow, inspire, cultivate, and sustain their community through food, jobs, education, fun, and opportunity to build an innovative food system for the community, by the community. This project will bring together community leaders, members, and supporters to work together with youth, share ideas, and help build a stronger coalition of innovative healthy food models.

The overall community farm is a 3 – 5 plan to design a connector for access to healthy foods in their region. The Pollination Project grant will assist with preparing raised beds, as well as growing and hosting community engagement sessions to keep the community engaged through community planting, harvests, and educational days.