Laxmi Singh

Laxmi, Renu, Ranjeeta, Sunita – Girls For Freedom – Girls of Trilokpuri Lead

Girls For Freedom – The Girls of Trilokpuri Lead is located in Trilokpuri, Delhi. The project addresses the key issues of gender violence and women’s empowerment by facilitating, motivating, counseling and guiding young girls and young adults to aspire and achieve their goals with greater solidarity and improved work skills, leading to economic independence. Their purpose is to secure social, economic, academic & political justice; liberty of thought, expression, belief, faith and worship; equality of political representation, intellectual expression, employment opportunities, and professional and social status.

Girls For Freedom works to empower young/single/divorced/separated mothers of Trilokpuri who are deprived, excluded and without a place they can call their own. The greatest support extended to them is providing them with daycare for their children along with one meal. This gives these young mothers the freedom to complete the necessary professional activities to achieve some form of independent livelihood.