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Our Grant Advisors

We believe that the best people to review grant applications are those who have personal experience working on similar initiatives. Our grant review team includes Pollination Project grantees and other trusted individuals working on many different issues around the world. A minimum of 3 people on this team reviews each qualified application. Together, they use the breadth of their experience to make the funding decisions for our grants

Ayla Schlosser

TPP Grant Recipient

Ayla Schlosser

Ayla Schlosser is the founder and Executive Director of Resonate, an organization that empowers women and girls through storytelling, working with them to build confidence, agency, and leadership for change. Ayla is based in Kigali, Rwanda and leads Resonate’s strategy, builds partnerships, and oversees curriculum development and training. Ayla’s work draws on her expertise as a coach and trainer, as well as her deep understanding of creating lasting change through engendering local leadership.

Ayla has a background in community organizing and leadership development with staff, volunteers, and community members. Through her work at Groundswell, a grassroots non-profit based in Washington, DC, she designed and ran various campaigns, working closely with partner organizations, faith and community leaders, and government agencies. Her projects ranged from supporting local leaders in neighborhood clean energy initiatives, to planning and launching a citywide residential energy efficiency program. She has also worked on community development projects in Nicaragua, El Salvador, and Ecuador. Prior to her work as a community organizer she was a strategic communications consultant and specialized in stakeholder engagement, coaching, and facilitation. She was a Mary Maples Dunn scholar at Smith College, where she graduated with honors with a B.A. in Political Science and a minor in Spanish Language. Ayla was awarded the 2014 Brimstone Award for Applied Storytelling for her work with Resonate, and was a featured speaker at the 2014 SXSW Innovators + Social Good Summit.

Basil AdbdulRazeq Farraj

TPP Grant Recipient

Basil AdbdulRazeq Farra

Basil is a Thomas J. Watson Fellow undertaking an independent project about Palestinian identity. His project has taken him to Sweden, Norway, France, Denmark, the UAE and Chile. Through his project, he hopes to interact with Palestinian communities to better understand Palestinian identity, and its manifestations within and outside Palestine.

Basil recently graduated from Earlham College with a B.A. in Peace and Global Studies. Last summer, with the help of the Pollination Project and a number of organizations, he carried out a summer program that brought six Palestinian youth to Derry and Belfast to learn more about the history and politics of Northern Ireland, and to draw lessons that are relevant to the Palestinian struggle for human rights, justice and equality.

Batale Fred

TPP Grant Recipient

Batale Fred

Batale Fred graduated as a visual artist from university, where he acquired various knowledge, skills and experience in working with different creative methods. His artistic practices deals with themes of disability empowerment, rights, and advocacy. Given the challenges he faces in Uganda living as a person with disability, he knows that he is not the only individual with such
challenges. That is why he works to empower others like himself and educate the greater
community that any one person is capable of pursuing their dreams through Disability
Art Project Uganda.

Fred is the founder and director of Disability Art Project Uganda (DAPU) for which he received a Pollination Project grant. DAPU is a community of people with disabilities who come together with an aim of empowering other fellow with disabilities to develop practical skills, confidence and fulfill creative potential.

DAPU was established to offer art and design skills to people with disabilities living on streets and slums to create unique products which in turn provide economic stability and lift people with disabilities off the streets and to lobby and advocate for disability rights through art projects.

Beatrice Achieng Nas

TPP Grant Recipient

Beatrice Achieng

Beatrice Achieng Nas is the Founder and Director of the Pearl Community Empowerment Foundation (PCE Foundation), a grassroots NGO founded in 2011. Their work focuses on supporting the most vulnerable people (especially children, girls and women) and communities in rural Eastern Uganda.

PCE Foundation currently supports 301 students and children (girls and boys) in nursery, primary, secondary and tertiary institutions (technical,colleges, and universities). Other projects they execute include farming, savings, advocacy, health support services, and library and school(s) construction projects.

Beatrice was also a Community Solutions Program Fellow (2013) through the International Research & Exchanges (IREX) Board and a Visiting Scholar at the Wellesley Centers for Women, USTTI Fellow (2010) and is also a global voice for grassroots women and girls at World Pulse (2010 to-date).

Beatrice believes that everybody has the potential to live a better life; given the Opportunity, Education and Motivation, anyone can become someone admirable. Nobody is a nobody, everybody is somebody.

Beth Koigi

TPP Grant Recipient

Beth Koigi

I was born in Kiambu, Kirenga village in a family of 5 children: 3 brothers and 1 sister. Both of my parents were, and still are, farmers. Even if we didn’t have a lot, my parents believed that education is very important to everyone. After attending a local primary and secondary school, I received a government sponsorship to study community development at university. During my campus life i got to interact with many people, and I did a research in eastern Kenya on water borne diseases.

I learned that in Kenya 56% of the population do not have access to clean water, and that 80% of all diagnosed diseases are water borne. During my fourth year i started  Aqua Klean Initiative, an organization that provides the undeserved communities in Kenya with affordable filters.

In 2014 I received a grant from the Pollination Project to support my work to provide water filters to communities who do not have access to clean water. Today we supplied filters to over 500 households.

Catherine Perry

Catherine perryAn ethical vegan, Catherine Perry teaches French and Francophone literatures, cultures, and film at the University of Notre Dame, where she also serves as advisor to the fledgling student club VegND, created in 2015. Passionate about social justice, human rights, animal rights, and environmental rights, she integrates these values in her courses. She is also keen on teaching materials that promote intercultural dialogue and understanding. In the Michiana region where she lives, she has been organizing Meetups for veg*ns, not only to provide mutual encouragement but also to raise awareness of their presence in the community. Having lived in both Switzerland and Morocco for many years, Catherine has extensive international experience. It is a joy and an honor for her to work for an association that advocates peace and compassion and that supports people who dedicate their energy to these great causes.

Charles Orgbon

TPP Grant Recipient

Charles Orgbon III

Charles Orgbon III’s journey as an environmentalist began in 2008; he was only 12-years-old. Charles noticed his school’s littered campus, and wanted to organize an effort to resolve the problem. He later developed Greening Forward, which would become a leading organization in the United States devoted to training and funding environmental leaders, ages 5-25. Greening Forward has distributed over tens of thousands of dollars in funding to youth environmental projects that plant trees, build compost bins, install rain barrels, monitor streams, recycle tons of waste, and advocate for a number of other environmental issues. In addition, Charles completed an Arctic Science Expedition that has helped informed his role as an informal environmental educator, has integrated his award-winning blueprint for youth environmental leadership into Chilean school systems, and consults numerous governmental and international agencies on their youth strategy around environmental issues. To date, Charles’s work is validated by over 31 local, national, and international awards, six book mentions, and over 100 speaking engagements since 2010. Charles was a Presidential Leadership Scholar at the University of Georgia where he obtained an undergraduate degree in environmental economics and management and a certificate in global education and leadership in 2017. Starting winter 2018, he will become a business consultant for Deloitte in San Francisco, California.

Clement Awanfe Ngueto

TPP Grant Recipient


Clement is the Founder-President of Global Compassion, a non-profit based organization in Douala, Cameroon. Global Compassion has worked with an international and local team of volunteers/interns (including visitors from UK, Cameroon and USA) to create and develop projects that will help the Santchou community to be self-sufficient in the near future (Potable water project, Computer lab center, empowering rural women and peace education for youth). Global Compassion received a Pollination Project grant in early 2015.

Clement’s passion is to contribute his skills and experience to community initiatives, and to grow small businesses managed by women and youth in rural areas. His aim is to transform rural communities by putting youth and women in the center of social development using small financial resources to create big impact on the ground.

Clement is an independent consultant at Top Tier Liaison and Conflict Resolution Services LLC in Arizona, USA; the President of Mabé Youth Association since 2015; and a consultant for project development in Nlate Ban San-Nzock cultural association in Santchou.

Additionally, Clement has experience in peacebuilding (conflict management and negotiation) through distance learning with USIP (, the University of Amsterdam through a scholarship from the European Commission, and the North South Centre for The Council of Europe. He is also among the 100 youth fellows selected for an interfaith co-existence, intercultural and peacebuilding program called “A Common Word Among the Youth” that includes several trainings and conferences in Africa, Europe and America. […]

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