We want your video!

Your gifts of time are the backbone of everything we do at The Pollination Project! As a staff, we have been reflecting on our shared desire to uplift your service to our broader community. We know that you don’t serve as a grant advisor for accolades or recognition, but we hope you will permit us to highlight your stories to our broader community!

One of the ways we would like to do this is through a crowdsourced video. We invite you to participate by submitting a video answering these questions:

  • What led you to The Pollination Project?
  • What does it mean to be a grant advisor?
  • What drives you to serve as a grant advisor?
  • Do you have a story that sticks out to you in thinking about your service? (Perhaps an application that spoke to you, an interaction with a grantee, or anything else).
  • You can film yourself answering these questions, or ask a friend or family member to film you. If we can help by recording your responses through Zoom, we are happy to do that too!

We will give each submission to our videographer, Mathew, who will compile them to artfully reflect how much our advisors mean to us.

If you would like to participate, please do so by Friday, September 18.

Thank you for this and everything you do!

Please make sure you follow these guidelines for submitting video content:

  • You may film yourself using a camera, phone or computer.
    When using a phone hold it horizontally to film.
  • Center yourself in the frame and look into the camera when you speak.
  • Avoid harsh backlight.
  • Stay close enough to your device so that the audio is clear.
  • If filming outside, try to avoid wind or loud spaces, as it can affect the clarity of your audio.
  • Please do not edit your video–we want your video in its raw form.
  • Please rename your files before uploading to your name.

Grant Advisor Crowdsourced Video

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