Meet our Kindness Partners

These are the fantabulous, heart-based Kindness organizations whom we are proud to partner with. The result? Kindness projects get boosted all around the world, making more and more ripples of goodness!

Would you like for YOUR organization to partner with us? If so, e-mail [email protected] and learn how we may be able to create more magic together.

The Happiness Sprinkling Project

Sets of Signs (You Are Loved, It Will Be Okay, Sure You Can and more ) travel from location to location, where Happiness Ambassadors gather a group of people, and wearing bright yellow shirts stand on a corner holding them and bringing massive amounts of joy to their communities. The Signs then travel to their next assignment  where they meet the next Ambassador and keep on Sprinkling more Happiness. Over the last six years, Happiness has been Sprinkled across the United States, in Europe and South Africa. Visit  to learn how you can get involved!

The Smile Project

The Smile Project is a Happiness campaign and nonprofit organization based out of New York City that was founded in 2011 by Liz Buechele with one simple mission: share joy. The Smile Project operates Random Acts of Kindness Clubs in educational institutions. These “SPARK” Clubs (Strengthening Positivity and Reinforcing Kindness) give young people the opportunity to learn valuable leadership skills, build a culture of giving, and create ripple effects of kindness. Visit to learn how you can get involved!

HUGS logo

Give More HUGS

Give More HUGS, a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, trains and mentors students to be compassionate leaders who help students in underserved areas locally and globally. This intergenerational leadership program empowers students to provide compassion based education and literacy events for students at Title 1 schools. The members of the organization aims to ensure children have access to books, school supplies, and inspiration to fuel their education. We would love to partner with you! Visit to learn how you can get involved!

The Planet Earthlings

The Planet Earthlings project is creating empowering games to allow players to have a positive impact on the world. We’ve started by making a series of “Acting Kindly” card games both printed and for mobile which break down barriers, build friendships and help people learn the joys of cooperation, collaboration and being kind. The latest version “Acting Kindly @School” specifically works to help overcome bullying and foster a cooperative atmosphere more conducive to high quality learning. Next up are @Work for corporate team building, @Home for families to play together and Acting Kindly for All an image only (no text) deck which can be used internationally and with young children. Visit to learn how you can get involved!